The Misdiagnosed Child

by Beverly Butler

Answers about child anxiety, ADD, ADHD, OCD, and more from a mother who's been there...

Do you feel you're getting the run-around from doctors?
Are you at your wits' end, frustrated, and need answers?
Spending dollars with no end in sight - need a fresh perspective?


If putting your child on medication scares you, then chapter 11 Alternative Tests and Treatments is the chapter that you want to be sure and read. For instance,
– On pgs. 127-128, I discuss an alternative procedure that has helped many kids getbetter from ADHD and other disorders.
– On pgs. 129-130, you’ll learn about a tapping technique that works to help stop problems such as phobias, anger, fear, etc…
– On pgs. 138-140, you’ll learn about one of the energetic techniques that gave us back our child. Her personality came back, and her panic attacks stopped. This technique had my jaw dropping. It’s weird, but it works and it works every time no exceptions!


We are all being bombarded with 1000’s of toxins every day, and it’s taking a toll on our health. In this book you will learn how to reduce the toxic load of your family.You don’t just want your child to get well, you want him/her to stay well and cleaning up their diet and environment (as much as you can) will go a long way toward that goal.
Removing toxins is key to getting your child well naturally. In my book you will learn:
– How to protect your child from addictive prescription drugs on pg. 20.
– How to help your child have a healthier brain and a higher IQ by doing this one simple thing on pg. 88.
– How to improve overall health especially of the brain and nervous system by avoiding this common food additive on pgs. 96-97.


Throughout this book I discuss several things that can cause bad behavior in children but chapter eight focuses on the connection between food and behavior. Once you read this chapter you’ll have a better understanding of:
– How this one critical nutrient helps the brain function and can improve your child’s behavior on pgs. 74-75.
– How you can quickly improve your child’s behavior by making a simple diet change on pg. 76.
– You’ll also learn the symptoms of unusual allergies and how they can affect behavior on pg. 81. You won’t feel helpless anymore after reading this chapter.