When Will My Life Not Suck? Teen Edition: Authentic Hope for the Disillusioned

By: Cameron Presson & Ramon Presson PhD

It Isn’t Easy Being a Teenager! The struggle of relationships, blows to self-esteem, stress at school, and conflict at home have led many teens to the discouraged and angry cry that “my life sucks”. Furthermore, this post 9/11 generation faces constant reminders that their world is now a very divisive and dangerous place, making them fearful or cynical about their own future. Author, Dr. Ramon Presson, a licensed marriage & family therapist, and his son, Cameron, a high school senior, address those feelings and fears by intersecting their own experiences with a study of the Apostle Paul’s life to show how hope and joy are possible even when life disappoints. Anchored in Paul’s letter to the Philippians, this book is full of practical suggestions for living with purpose and joy during the teen years when life often seems to offer more problems than promise. The authors offer an honest and hopeful message, void of easy answers and trite clichés, to give young people something solid to hold onto when the storms hit.


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