When Faith Works: Living Out the Law of Liberty According to James

By: David Wilber

How are we to live as followers of Yeshua (Jesus)? How do we practically walk out our faith and devotion to God day by day? Why does God allow us to suffer, and what are we supposed to learn from our suffering? How do we overcome sin in our lives? What's the cause of conflict within our communities, and how do we resolve it? How do we make a difference in the world for Messiah's Kingdom?

James' letter to early followers of Messiah was written to address these questions, and the Spirit-inspired wisdom contained in this ancient epistle still speaks directly to us today. David Wilber's book, When Faith Works: Living Out the Law of Liberty According to James, takes us on a journey through the book of James and unpacks the true meaning of faith from the perspective of the very brother of the Messiah.


David has gone above and beyond in revealing just how vital the Book of James is for Christians today. Whether diving into James for an in-depth study or merely needing an easy-to-read commentary, you will be pleased to find what you are looking for in this book. However, the most impressive achievement that David has reached in this work is the convicting encouragement to transform the words of a 2,000 year old letter into action. I cannot imagine any believer being disappointed by adding this resource to their collection.
--Matthew Vander Els, Founded in Truth

A must read for every believer! David Wilber has delivered a keenly insightful examination of James' Epistle, connecting ancient Biblical wisdom with modern cultural relevancy. David's holistic approach confronts the pivotal questions every honest believer faces. Readers will be deeply inspired, as I was, to unshackle their faith by living out the Law of liberty.
--Matt Hoffmann, Freedom Hill Community

David Wilber has produced a very readable book on a deplorably underemphasized topic within the sphere of modern Messianic teachings--namely, how to go beyond the bare bones of God's commandments into the realm of living as transformed creatures producing radically good fruit. Messiah came and told us that following a set of rules is next to meaningless unless our obedience springs from a place of genuine love for God and neighbor. I thoroughly enjoyed David's wonderful exploration of one of the most difficult discipleship manuals in Scripture--the Epistle of James. We would all do well to dive in ourselves and accept the challenge--nay, the imperative--to live by it.
--Tyler Dawn Rosenquist, Author of The Bridge: Crossing Over into the Fullness of Covenant Life


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