Unity Without Compromise: A Biblical Basis for Christian Union

By: Steve LaTulippe MD

Church unity?

What is it? For many it’s the belief that we serve the same God, believe the same Savior died for our sins, and look to the same Book for inspiration; but beyond these affections, things change rapidly. How does the new Christian convert find the right church? Why can’t a seasoned believer attend any church in the world and feel right at home? Something is terribly wrong.

Never has the church body been more divided, precisely at a time when society is crumbling under unwholesome worldly influences and political pressures. The accepted norm of a divided church has catastrophically weakened the outreach of Christian disciples to those who desperately need God. But where do we start?

Author Steve LaTulippe offers a path to church unity, without compromise of Scripture, by clearly defining the causes and effects of division, and by offering solid biblical solutions for Christian union. In his new book, Unity Without Compromise: A Biblical Basis for Christian Union, Steve boldly confronts the teachings, beliefs, and practices that commonly divide us; and he proposes solid principles that can meld all Christians into a unified body according to God’s design.

Backed by recognized Bible scholars and theologians, Steve gives a straightforward analysis of how greatly the church has drifted from Jesus’s heartfelt prayer on His way to the Garden of Gethsemane, “that they all may be one.” Christian union derives simply from a pure heart and a solid understanding of what the Bible really says. We therefore must learn how to make God’s message say precisely what God meant, so that we may observe these things only.

Steve’s hope is that readers will be awakened to the devastating consequences of a divided church and commit to placing God and the Bible at the forefronts of their faith again. If your goal is to be a true ambassador for Christ, read and see how you can actually be an answer to Jesus’s own prayer. And then be that answer! A church united is a powerhouse for good, and the harvest is riper than ever to hear the truth of God’s word.


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