A Rush to Judgement: A Journey with Trump, God, and Love

By: Sid Bowdidge

They said Trump's ground campaign didn't exist. I knew differently because I ran it from New Hampshire to California. The future of our country was at stake, and I quarterbacked the best door knocking teams across the country. We dominated over Hillary Clinton's ground campaign. They also said there was no way Trump would win, but I knew we were going to. How? Because I had my finger on the pulse of America by the responses we were getting from door to door as we traveled from state to state. Our strike team from New Hampshire made the difference, which few people knew about.

One of the many things I love about President Trump, he's more like me than a politician. I too had never been involved in politics.

On June 30, 2015, imagine you go to see Donald Trump at a house party in New Hampshire, strictly for the entertainment factor, and you like his America first speech. Soon you find yourself volunteering to help Donald J. Trump become president. You're setting up rallies and driving in the president-elect's motorcade. Next you're hired to run a campaign office and then asked to run Trump's ground campaign. You travel across the country on Trump's strike team. You're then designated as a WHIP at the Republican National Convention and perform another important role. Finally you went back to New Hampshire managing the ground campaign along with the Republican National Committee through the general election.

You win the most important election of our lifetime. This was your Super Bowl, and you made a difference. This was your time to answer the call. Your reward, a political appointee position in Washington, DC, where the PC culture and media take you out in three weeks. Join me for a behind-the-scenes look and find out what it took to direct an unprecedented movement and help win a presidential election. Witness firsthand the incredibly good side of politics, along with just how ugly it can be.

The good Lord took me on the journey of a lifetime to help save our country from the scourge of socialism. I'm both blessed and humbled to have done my job. God blessed America.


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