Rays of Light

By: Ray Brookstein

To all poetry aficionados, once you become familiar with the poetic stylings of RayRay, you'll want to read and reread and become an instant fan. His rhythms are so deep, yet so simple and easy to absorb. In this one book you will not only feel yourself being transported through time, you will also be able to relate to the most current and relevant themes of today.

Having a bad day? Open up to any page where you will find a soothing cure for all that ails you. This social media phenomenon and wordsmith has penned 52 unique poems in the style and nuance of a Shel Silverstein or Dr.Seuss. These short, simply worded gems, will pack a punch that will entertain you, make you laugh, smile, or bring sweet tears of joy to your eyes.

Each poem is accompanied by a handcrafted image personally designed by Kate Pechter, an award winning graphic designer from Philadelphia. Her playful illustrations visually enhance the depth of the poetic themes and will heighten the readers experience "Rays of Light"...as the title suggests, will inspire you, while at the same time revealing the innermost thoughts of the heart and soul, those feelings that so very few of us are able to express on our own. Add this book to your personal library.

Take time to relax and enjoy the lightheartedness that surrounds this author's whimsy.


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