Prodigal Daughter: A Journey Home To Identity

By: Cynthia Garrett

Candid, real, raw and challenging you will never find a more honest look at how identity gets lost in today's modern world than you will in Prodigal Daughter: A Journey Home To Identity. TV personality and Evangelist, Cynthia Garrett, shares an incredible red carpeted, celebrity filled, journey through her life, while teaching lessons that only experience applied to the Word Of God can teach. Whether through the luring appeal of the media, the shattering of divorce, the shame of sexual abuse, the anger of rape, the fear in battling cancer, the challenges of single motherhood, the war for self esteem, the confusion of fame, or the healing found in confronting brokenness head on, Cynthia Garrett teaches while she shares. She leads the reader on a very personal and powerful journey to finally finding, owning, and living victoriously in his/her authentic identity; even as she illustrates losing and finding her own amidst the privileged life she lived, and still lives, in Hollywood. We meet a faith that is inclusive and unifying as Cynthia teaches hundreds of thousands of men and women around the world today about faith in a way that builds bridges and doesn't divide, embraces rather than rips apart, and loves triumphantly over hate. All while keeping it real and uncompromised! Through Cynthia's story you will find your own story and through her search for identity yours will be solidified forever! Like all prodigal children the journey home is one that ends in the triumphant victory of a Father's open arms. But for prodigal daughters there is a special reward in finding a love you've always searched for, the knowledge you've always needed, and the life you've always dreamed of. Simply stated...this book is a MUST read!


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