Lone Gunman - Dark Horse Guardians Series, Book V

By: Ava Armstrong

Book #5 in the Dark Horse Guardian Series is filled with action, suspense, and the acts of terror committed by evil men and women; Ben Keegan cannot sit on the sidelines.

Lieutenant Ben Keegan decides to make Lara part of the Dark Horse Guardian team on a dangerous mission. Through a series of events, they stumble upon terrorists on American soil, plotting and planning a devastating attack. Lara is eager to help her black-op husband, however, there are situations that arise she never could have anticipated.

Lara attempts to push past her fears, but she finds fighting terrorism isn’t like shooting at the range or working out at the dojo. This becomes real world survival for her. As the mission hits a major snag, Ben starts second-guessing himself. Will Ben and Lara’s love survive a grueling mission filled with suspense, killing, and endless running? Or, will the traumatic events pull them apart?


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