The Last Cowboy

By: Ava Armstrong

Ten years ago, sweethearts Riley O’Neal and Lincoln Caldwell were king and queen at their high school prom. Linc stayed on the family farm to help his father, while Riley won a full scholarship to her dream college for a degree in engineering.

Although their lives took different paths, they watched one another from afar. Riley got married and traveled extensively. Linc devoted himself to saving the last family-owned dairy farm in the state of Maine.

Through a set of unexpected circumstances, Riley O’Neal comes back to her hometown. Having kept in touch with her good friends on Facebook, Riley is welcomed with open arms. She is particularly curious about her first love, Lincoln Caldwell.

When they meet, both are forced to relive bittersweet memories. Their lives have permanently changed. Neither has lived the life they had dreamed about. The two former lovers, however, reconnect in a poignant and beautiful friendship. But one night changes everything for both of them.

Riley O'Neal feels a special obligation to save the last cowboy.


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