By: Thomas Banks

Every leap in technology brings with it consequences—both beneficial and detrimental. Today, drones are on the verge of demonstrating their benefit to society. Unfortunately, like all technology, they too will yield unintended consequences. In a short time, drones have become a part of pop-culture having found their way into everyday life including hobbyists, Realtors, Search and Rescue, Law Enforcement and now, retailers such as Amazon hoping to reduce the cost of delivering their products. As these low-cost unmanned vehicles prove their value, they will become as widespread as smart phones. Rest assured, just as smart phones, tablet pcs and GPS have changed our way of life, drones too will change the way we do everything…even terror. In Indefensible, you are introduced to a new and frightening terror regime—Lone Wolf Technology-Jihadism.

Although operating independently, these Technology-Jihadists will be coordinated by invisible remote leadership commanding them through social media. Leadership guiding the delivery of swarms of drones wreaking havoc and destruction. Islam’s drone warriors, milling invisibly within cities and towns, drive innocuous soccer-mom-mini-vans and maneuver invisibly within a couple of miles of their targets. Upon arrival, they simply open their sunroofs then let their merciless autonomous vehicles, laden with C4 and biologics, begin their ruthless journey to destruction. These swarms of micro-drones, each weighing only a few pounds and flying close to the ground, will be invisible to radar and prove to be both catastrophic and indefensible. In the near future no venue will be safe or immune from these heartless autonomous weapons. Drones have already changed the fabric and tempo of warfare. Now, they usher in a new era of remote, autonomous and impersonal terror. Indefensible doesn't require the suspension of disbelief, but rather acceptance of the inevitable.


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