By: Dr. Joel H Glass

“This is the rare book that tells it all with both easy to understand facts and data but also great humor, It is the rare science book that I would recommend for bedside reading.” -
Jay Lehr Ph.D. Senior Policy Analyst, International Climate Science Coalition

ICE AGE 2025 takes the reader step-by-step to TO 2025 when a new ICE AGE begins-

In clear and interesting information, the book shows why this Ice Age will begin soon. Using NASA Langley Research Laboratory results, along with oceanographic events, and the results of solar science of Valinta Khorkova, we see clearly and in an interesting way, why we are headed into a new Ice Age.

ICE AGE 2025 shows what the previous Ice Age during 1300 to 1800 was like for those who lived in that time. The problems it caused, and the problems we can expect this time. The effects now will be worse than in 1300 – 1800 because now we are dependent on things which the Ice Age will destroy.How to get American ready, and how to get country and your family ready.

Amazing information in ICE AGE 2025 also shows how the Global Warming fraud uses Nazi propaganda and political power grab methods. These propaganda and power-grab actions, include both Stalinist and Nazi methods which are described in detail..

And how the Green New Deal is really the Green New Steal. It is an attempt to steal Life, Liberty and Happiness. It has nothing to do with climate. And everything to do with money and power.

The Global Warming / Climate Change Caused By Human Activity is fraud, is a totalitarian movement. This amazing new book is a political and scientific bombshell. Every American can find it fascinating reading and benefit from it. Finally we have the political ammo to crush the totalitarian lies of the Democrat Party.
Once you start reading you won't be able to put it down. It's thrilling reading. And a breath of fresh air.


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