A Hitchhiker’s Journey Through Climate Change: All you need to know about climate change, but were afraid to learn and laugh at.

By: Terigi Ciccone, Jay Lehr PhD

Written by Terigi Ciccone, A Hitchhiker’s Journey Through Climate Change is an eye-opener for the general public, particularly the victims of climate change social wars. This book takes its reader on a climate change journey while pointing out all the myths and opinions of the “end-of-the-world prophets” related to it. While focusing on the truth that lies hidden under the climate change propaganda, the author imparts his viewpoints that are fully backed up by scientific evidence. The cheerful illustrations, engaging activities, and accurate charts and figures make it simpler as well as interesting for young readers.

This book effortlessly transmits the hidden history of climate change. While sharing the opinions of those who believe that global warming is round the corner, the writer shares his insight on the matter, which is in complete contrast with the prevalent belief. The speaker further describes not only its harmful effects but also how it damages the lifestyle of the scientifically unsophisticated public. This book attempts to answer the fundamental queries related to climate change while simultaneously shedding light on the political schemes of the higher authorities. As the journey proceeds, readers get a better understanding of the truth, which further enables them to draw their own conclusion and do not blindly believe everything they are told.


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