Hard Man to Kill - Dark Horse Guardians Series, Book IV

By: Ava Armstrong

Life is tranquil at Clearwater Farm as Lieutenant Ben Keegan enjoys life with his wife, Lara. But a new mission interrupts their tranquil lives. When Lieutenant Ben Keegan is sent by the CIA to take out terrorists being released from Guantanamo Bay onto the battlefield, his assignment takes him to Latin America, Afghanistan and Pakistan. But the biggest battle he will fight will be on American soil, as an intelligence leak changes everything.

Lieutenant Ben Keegan’s worst nightmare comes true. Information about him and his secret mission is leaked to the public and all hell breaks loose. As he tries to shield Lara, his loving wife, from harm – she learns what it’s truly like to live the life of an operative, working undercover. And, surprising him, she steps up to the plate.

Their story takes you on a roller coaster of emotion. Tender moments of love and loss are wrapped within a story of survival of the smartest. An action-packed page turner, “Hard Man to Kill” is Book 4 in the Dark Horse Guardian Series.


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