Flawlessly Executed - Dark Horse Guardians Series, Book III

By: Ava Armstrong

When the one that got away shows up in his life, old memories are stirred up for Lieutenant Ben Keegan, which only serve to create tension in his marriage. Meanwhile, Lara is working overtime trying to manage an unexpected windfall and manage a thriving architectural firm, while dealing with feelings of loss for her former mentor, Eliot Stone. Lara leans on her good friend, Hawk, for support and he’s always there to help her.

Flawlessly Executed has moments of grief, passion, rage, and frustration, and some wonderful moments of intense love. As in real life, there seems to be a force at work that conspires to pull Ben and Lara apart. The question is, will their love endure? A thriller and romance, Flawlessly Executed, Book 3 in the Dark Horse Guardians Series, takes the reader back to the Middle East with Lieutenant Ben Keegan and his team for the biggest hit since Bin Laden. There are moments that are chillingly realistic.

Will he return from the mission unchanged or will this be his last one?


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