Encountering Evil - Dark Horse Guardians Series, Book II

By: Ava Armstrong

The sequel to "A Sense of Duty," takes the reader deep into Ben's black-op work with his Dark Horse Guardian Team and it's not pretty. Terrorists exist on American soil; and the U.S. government hires secret contractors like Ben to make them disappear. Lieutenant Ben Keegan has a personal mission to protect and defend the innocent. He is a guardian; it is his calling. But there are problems and obstacles, not only on his secret missions but in his personal life. As for Lara, every woman dreams of being married to a hero; an alpha-male who is handsome, strong, and confident ~ the ultimate warrior. But, what is it really like for a woman to be married to a man who risks his life on every mission? "ENCOUNTERING EVIL" explores the problems she is forced to face. “ENCOUNTERING EVIL” is a roller coaster of emotion. There are tender moments of romance, intense passion, jealousy, rage, and frustration with outdated rules of engagement and a political system rife with incompetence. A thriller and a romance, this is a story about two people who love one another passionately, and their attempt to meld two very different lives together.


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