By: Timothy A Payne

Staff Sergeant Timothy Payne is no stranger to adversity. After the attacks on the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon he was compelled to fight for his country. His goal was to fight alongside Special Operation Forces. His goals were shatter by the infamous "Murphy's Law," whatever can go wrong will go wrong. On his last attempt for covert operations Payne received orders to the Chosin Battalion "Against All Odds" out of the 10th Mountain Light Infantry Division.

Rumors spread throughout the battalion concerning Southern Afghanistan, the birth place of the Taliban. Staff Sergeant Payne Knew his men were in for a tough fight. Lieutenant Colonel Mintz ordered all the Squad Leaders into the battalion conference room where he exclaimed the expected combat losses at 40%. Staff Sergeant Payne was at crossroads in his career he just received orders for deployment and orders for a covert position within the civil affair battalion. All he had to do was make it a year through a place that the 82nd Airborne Division came to call Afghanistan's southern region as "The Devil's playground."

The story of war, combat injuries, and redirection. Enduring 120 surgeries, 100 blood transfusions, and flatlining 7 times with 7 outer body experiences. The process of healing the mind, the body, and the spirit.


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