By: Dr Joel S Holmes

It seems like a Hollywood disaster movie... but it's real. A virus developed in China for military use escapes. And in twelve weeks has brought the might Chinese nation to its knees. In early January, China sent 1,600 army doctors and nurses into the pandemic of Wuhan. The pandemic is so crushing, they sent one month later, 36,500 civilian doctors and nurses. The situation was still out of control. Now Europe, the Middle East, the US and Canada are under the onslaught of a weapon-like virus. Read the information you can't get anywhere else and learn how simple non-medical steps can help protect our country and our families. Dr Jay Lehr, leading US scientist has this to say about this book: Exciting reading. The book is a a call that everything that can be done, on the national and family level, to avoid a deep pandemic must be done. It's education about how viruses spread and in fact what viruses are. The book could be read as a tutorial in non-medical simple steps people can take, with hope that all the forces being launched across the world can succeed.

AUTHOR INFORMATION Dr Joel S Holmes is an engineer with many years experience working in China. He has great admiration for the people of China. He in addition works for American high technology companies in the development of antimicrobial equipment. When you eat in a fast food restaurant there's a good chance equipment he helped design is there to protect food safety. As an engineer, he provides consulting to financial institutions including a major stock exchange how to prepare for and get through a viral pandemic for optimal outcome. Now that same information is available to you in this book.


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