21 Days to Releasing the Past, Embracing the Present, and THRIVING in the Future

By: Jennifer Pink

Ms. Jennifer Pink, Single Mom Sage, is dedicated to aiding single moms to STOP Surviving and START THRIVING! She is the Chief Decision Maker at JVillage, Inc. where she oversees several companies including the P.I.N.K. Foundation, Sage Mentoring, Sage Network, The J's Sandbox, and JKids Boutique. She personally provides supportive resources and information to empower and strengthen single moms through her work with Sage Mentoring and The P.I.N.K. Foundation. Whether she's giving one of her signature Heart-to-Heart speeches, chatting it up on the Single Mom Sage Hour radio show, or authentically sharing her life at The J's Sandbox family blog and JKids Boutique, Ms. Pink is dedicated to her mission of aiding single moms on their journey. She has lived life from being a struggling single mother to a woman finding her way after divorce - and now THRIVES as the Single Mom Sage. She turned her struggles into opportunities and today, she is living confidently in her calling. She is the voice of single mothers...instilling hope and help into their communities.


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